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The Capitol Hill Community Council is a state non-profit corporation organized for the purpose of preserving and improving the neighborhood in accordance with the wishes of the community. The CHCC informs and advises the residents in matters affecting their rights and responsibilities, provides leadership in the investigation of community needs, communicates with governmental agencies in an effort to represent the interest of the community and cooperates with other organizations and persons having similar interests.

Visit us often and post your comments in the forum area. Be in the know & help spread the word about what's happening in our community!

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Do you have concerns about pedestrian safety? Are you worried about the state of sidewalks on your street?

Use the easy SeeClickFix Street and Sidewalk Issues Map on CHS Blog to report problems and concerns. Pick the problem location on the map, write a short description of the issue, and then your report will get seen by the correct city department and the concerned folks of CHS Blog.

Upcoming Events

- CHCC April General Meeting: Thursday, 4/15 from 7 to 9pm at the Cal Anderson Shelterhouse.

- John and Summit Groundbreaking Celebration: Saturday, 4/17 from 2 to 3pm at the intersection of John and Summit.



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Who can join?

Per the Capitol Hill Community Council bylaws:

All persons living, owning a business or owning property within the boundaries of Capitol Hill, defined as I-5 (to the west), Pike/Madison (to the south), 24th Ave. (to the east) and SR 520/Interlaken (to the north).

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Thanks to the Columbia Citizens wiki for inspiration in creating neighborhood community for the 21st century.

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