2008 Candidate -- Vice President -- Charlette Lefevre

Candidate statement
I am running because I agree that Capitol Hill needs a community voice. Issues and developments have arisen in which a community council can address problems and benefit the community in a quick and timely manner. I believe my experience in working in a non-profit and advertisement would suit well the Vice-Pres. position.

Candidate experience
My skills and experience include working on Capitol Hill coordinating events and a lecture group on Capitol Hill since 1998 and a non-profit museum since 2004.

I have worked with other business owners, residents and organizations on supporting activities and the annual Pride Parade.

I have worked with media, both the Seattle papers and the Capitol Hill Times and numerous radio stations in scheduling events that have generated revenue and furthered efforts.

I have sat in on several DPD meetings and I was instrumental in recently saving four trees on Broadway.

Candidate goals
I would like to increase the public awareness of the CHCC and membership and longterm involvement of residents. Help establish a strong council that works to effectively address issues and preserve Capitol Hill's history.

Encourage business and tourism to the area and strengthening neighborhoods.

Establish Capitol Hill as one of Seattle's most artisic, valued and desirable communities.

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