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President- Jen Power

Jennifer Power is a happy Capitol Hill community organizer, guerilla gardener, blogger, and resident. Soon after she graduated with an environmental studies B.A. from Seattle University, Jen got her start in community advocacy with the POWHat Neighborhood Association. Last August, she became a founder of Unpaving Paradise, a joint project of the Capitol Hill Community Council and the P-Patch Trust charged with raising $170,000 to build a park at John and Summit. With the fundraising project near completion, Jen has the time and experience to turn her attention to wider neighborhood issues as President of the Capitol Hill Community Council.

Vice President- Hong Chhuor

Hong is Vice-President of the Council and has lived on Capitol Hill for almost 9 years and loves it. He works for a local investment management firm located in South Lake Union and brings his love of working with people & financial clout to the Council’s leadership team. In the past, he has also served in the capacities of Council Treasurer and Secretary and been involved with the technology & bylaws committees. He is currently an active member of the Unpaving Paradise (Open Space Committee) steering committee and is proud to report that he is doing his part to secure more green/P-Patch space for our community. His interests in economic & environmental sustainability, transportation, neighborhoods and civic engagement make him a natural fit for the Capitol Hill Community Council.
In his spare time, he likes to travel, dig around in his P-Patch, read, listen to music, cook & watch movies.

Treasurer- Tony Russo

Secretary- Clark Smith

Clark Smith is the Secretary of the Council and is excited to use prior event planning and public speaking experience to promote the Council. Clark earned his B.A. from Knox College in Galesburg, IL, majoring in History and minoring in Business & Management. Currently he works for a local assisted living community and hopes he can represent the local aging population on the Council. Outside of work, he is active in the local music scene and hopes to use his connections to help the Council gain notoriety and new members.

At Large Officers

Web Crowell

Webster Crowell is a neighborhood activist with a background in the arts and experience with small business, grant-writing, media and design; a Seattle for 13 years, most of them spent on Capitol Hill.
Web came here because it was attractive and busy with people who did interesting things in their work and off hours. He became a neighborhood activist two years ago specifically because I saw the housing bubble expanding and the resulting behemoth apartments deposited on city streets were inexcusable. Very few people talk reason about gentrification, there’s the “I prefer abandoned lots” crowd and the “How cheap can we build it” lobby. Web believes in the city growing some teeth and raising its standards – a Lot – encouraging better design and greater density like many US Cities. Nobody can stop people from moving here – we can prevent the destruction of classic buildings and the construction of shabby, shortsighted sprawl.
Websters goals include:
• More Bicycle amenities
• Wider sidewalks/more greenspace in place of traffic
• Better standards for new construction
• Developers being Held to the designs once approved
• Exemplary expectations for anything built on the upcoming TOD parcels.

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