2008 Candidate -- Treasurer -- Hong Chhuor

Candidate statement
I’ve always been very interested in community level involvement and activism and wasn’t really sure how I could do that in a meaningful way. I’ve been a resident on Capitol Hill for almost 8 years now and have witnessed some of the changes that our community has undergone, much of which is generally considered negative. Every so often, I’ll hear somebody talk about how great it “used to be” and I wonder about what some of the causes for the deterioration of neighborhoods are. I want to do my part in helping to revitalize Capitol Hill so that it could once again claim its reputation for being one of Seattle’s most vibrant cultural, artistic, residential and commercial centers.

Candidate experience
I currently work for an Investment Management Firm in their Account Services Group. I work on a team that manages daily cash activity for all of our accounts; including contributions, withdrawals, etc. Prior to my current position, I worked in our Operations department, where one of my job functions was to ensure that our accounts are reconciled (like balancing a check book) before we can trade them. This position required experience with accounting and accounting software. Before this, I worked as an Associate Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual in downtown Seattle.

Candidate goals
I envision Capitol Hill becoming a real neighborhood again, where people know each other and greet to each other in shops and on the streets. As it stands, we’re very much a fragmented community – which is part of the reason I think that the CHCC has been dormant for the last year. I’m very excited by the efforts to revive this forum for community involvement. This is particularly important given the latest developments in our neighborhood – the mixed use building. This type of housing & commercial space will bring different people to our community and as such, creates a perfect opportunity to regroup and create a plan to on how to incorporate them.

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