2008 Candidate -- President -- Justin Carder

Candidate statement
My wife and I are dedicated to making a life in the city and raising our son in a vibrant, active and culturally rich environment. I want our neighborhood and the surrounding areas to be safe and clean but I balance that desire with a belief in flexibility and personal freedom. I want to help the CHCC make a difference in this environment by taking on smart, solvable initiatives and projects that represent the needs of the people who live and work on Capitol Hill. We should mix our efforts with small, quickly completed achievements and long-term, large-effort plans. I also want to help move community government above and beyond long meetings in sterile conference rooms. We must harness the communications tools available to us. And we must create better opportunities for everybody to get involved in our good projects.

Candidate experience
I have worked in the online media business for over 10 years in the Seattle area, first as a reporter at MSNBC, later as a product planner at Microsoft. I'm currently working in downtown Seattle with local online advertising company Marchex.

I operate the CHS Capitol Hill Seattle neighborhood blog at http://www.capitolhillseattle.com

I have volunteered at local nonprofits and helped spread the word about projects and initiatives via my blog but this will be my first effort to be involved at the officer level in an organization like CHCC. I have helped plan the re-start of the council by serving as part of the CHCC steering committee as co-chair.

Candidate goals
* Represent balance of community needs in the development of Capitol Hill
* Support and provide framework for other Capitol Hill organizations for joint positioning and projects
* Drive balanced agenda of large-scale initiatives and small, quickly completed projects
* Create social opportunities for citizens to meet CHCC officers and discuss community issues and opportunities
* Re-establish grant and fundraising efforts to power our projects
* Create robust committee environment so local experts can manage and drive small-group solutions
* Create robust opportunity for citizens to participate both via high-tech and low-tech means

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