old bylaws (June 2000)

NOTE: These bylaws are no longer in effect. They have been replaced by a new set of bylaws adopted in April 2009. This page is for historical reference only and has no binding authority.

Capitol Hill Community Council Bylaws
June 2000

1. Purpose
The Capitol Hill Community Council (CHCC) shall be a nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of preserving and improving the neighborhood in accordance with the wishes to the community. The CHCC shall inform and advise the residents in matters affecting their rights and responsibilities, provide leadership in the investigation of community needs, communicate with governmental agencies in an effort to represent the interests of the community, and cooperate with other organizations and persons having similar interests.

2. Membership
All persons living within the boundaries of the CHCC, owning a business located within the boundaries of the CHCC or owning property located within the boundaries of the CHCC shall be members of the CHCC.

3. Meetings
A. A meeting schedule for the CHCC shall be established by the current CHCC Elected Officers. The Secretary shall take steps to see that the community receives notices of forthcoming meetings.
B. All members of the CHCC shall be eligible to vote at meetings of the Council.
C. There shall be at least nine (9) regularly scheduled meetings held per year.
D. All meeting of the CHCC and its committees are open to the public.

4. Authority
A. The authority of the CHCC stems from the community and its inherent interest in the quality of life within the neighborhood. Since all persons in the community can participate in the CHCC, the council legitimately represents their interests and can act on their behalf.
B. Elected Officers and appointed representatives of the CHCC, shall not have the authority to act on behalf of the CHCC unless the CHCC has voted on such issues. Elected Officers and appointed representatives shall not imply or state representation of the CHCC in any case unless such representation is voted on by CHCC. In case of time sensitive issues, the majority of Elected Officers may act on behalf of the CHCC and must report at the following general meeting of the CHCC.

5. Elected Officers
Elected Officers and appointed representatives may not use their authority with the intent or for the purpose of personal, political, or financial gain.
A. President
The duties of the President shall be to preside at all CHCC meetings, prepare agendas for such meetings, report on the actions of the Elected Officers, maintain momentum of programs initiated by the CHCC, and perform such duties as the CHCC may assign.
B. Vice President
The duties of the Vice President shall be to serve in the absence of the President, to develop and encourage broader membership participation, to plan and organize special projects and functions, and to implement fund-raising.
C. Secretary
The secretary shall notify all members of the next meeting date, time and place within a few days prior to each meeting. The Secretary shall maintain a list of all active members' names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Minutes of each CHCC meeting shall be maintained by the Secretary, with a summary of actions taken and assignments made ready to be presented at each subsequent meeting. The Secretary shall present nominations before elections and publicize the election results. The Secretary shall have the CHCC Bylaws available at all meetings.
D. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall receive and disburse funds as instructed by the CHCC in accordance with the laws and regulations relating to nonprofit corporations. The Treasurer will establish and maintain bank accounts. The Treasurer shall file appropriate reports. Reports on the financial position of CHCC shall be ready to be presented at each meeting of CHCC.
E. All Standing and Special Committee Chairpersons shall report to all CHCC meeting as do Elected Officers. Standing and Special Committee Chairpersons shall provide the minutes from all attended meetings and provide a monthly report containing all actions taken on behalf of the CHCC.

6. Elections
Elections for all officers shall be held annually. The term of office for each officer shall be twelve months. Nominations for officers must be presented at the CHCC monthly meeting prior to the election (but at least 30 days prior). Majority vote shall determine election. The CHCC shall have a duty to publicize the nominees, date, time, and place of election meetings.

7. Committees
A. Committees shall be classified as Standing Committees or Special Committees. All Committee Chairpersons shall be nominated by the CHCC President and approved by majority vote of the CHCC members. A Chairperson should be appointed at the Committee's inception.
B. Special Committees may be formed by the CHCC President.
C. Standing Committees or Special Committees may be formed by majority vote of CHCC members.
D. Each Chairperson of Standing and Special Committees shall be prepared to report on committee activities at regular meetings of the CHCC.

8. Finances
A. The Treasurer will establish and maintain all bank accounts.
B. The President and Treasurer may authorize expenditures of up to $100. The Treasurer shall report all such expenditures at the next CHCC meeting.
C. The CHCC must approve all expenditures in excess of $100 by majority vote.

9. Boundaries
The Boundaries of the CHCC shall be I-5 (west), Pike/Madison (south), 24th Ave. (east) and SR 520/Interlaken (north). See map for details.

10. Recall or Removal of an Officer
A. Recall of an Officer requires a two-thirds vote of the members at a regularly scheduled CHCC meeting can initiate a recall election of any officer.
The recall election must be held no earlier than 30 days after the first vote, but no later than 60 days after the first vote. The date shall be set at a regularly scheduled meeting by the Elected Officers.
B. Removal of an Officer shall be for at least one of the following as described in the CHCC's Bylaws: repeated failure to preform stated duties, non-attendance, failure to adhere to the stated purpose of the CHCC, or misuse of authority. All elected officers are required to attend all CHCC scheduled meetings. Elected officers must notify CHCC president of just cause for absence. In any case an elected officer who misses two (2) consecutive meetings or three (3) meetings in a term, maybe removed.

11. Record Keeping
All letters, agendas, minutes, sign-up rosters, reports, and other pertinent information printed by the CHCC, its Elected Officers and appointed representatives shall be kept at the Neighborhood Service Center for a minimum of five years from the date of the document. Only the President may remove files. All files must be returned.

12. Non-Discrimination
The CHCC strives to provide an opportunity for all residents to participate in an environment that is free from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, political ideology, income, age, religious affiliation, and sensory, mental, or physical disability.

13. Bylaws
A. Changes to the bylaws shall be by vote of two-thirds of the members of the CHCC present at the meeting considering such a change. The CHCC shall not consider or vote on any change to the Bylaws until the next meeting after the initial introduction of such change.
B. The Bylaws shall be reviewed and revised as necessary. A Special Committee shall be set up for this function when necessary.

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