2008 Candidate -- President -- Renee Fentress

Candidate statement
I am a 30 year old Financial Planner at Nordstrom, part-time Real Estate Agent servicing the Capitol Hill area and also a homeowner of Capitol Hill residences since 2001.

The stabbing on New Years and subsequent violent activity in our area, along with invasive overdeveloping has fueled a need for me to get involved in my community. I stumbled upon the CHCC Steering Committee group on Yahoo and have been reading the threads as an observer trying to just get a feel of the council and what my role could possibly be. I feel that my leadership skills and vested interest in the community both as a homeowner and as a REALTOR will be beneficial to the group.

My hobbies include a photography business that I started in 2007, which involved many volunteer projects for the Seattle fashion and music scene.

Candidate experience
President McMahon Dormitory, University of Washington, 1996-1997

11 years with Nordstrom, current and past leadership positions that require diligence, accountability, ability to plan, problem solve, and delegate.

Business owner – Liminist Photography – requires entrepreneurial skills, ability to create a business plan and budget, marketing, etc.

Candidate goals
My main goals are:
To get the CHCC to be a well-known integral part of the Capitol Hill community by becoming visible sponsors or contributors at major Capitol Hill events and by befriending neighborhood businesses.

Keeping our community apprised to the goings-on in their neighborhood and how they can become involved and learn to care.

To set a standard by which Capitol Hill neighbors will be inspired to act as a community and become involved.

To build a relationship with the City of Seattle to accomplish more of the goals of our neighbors and of the CHCC itself.

Q3 Goals, July-September:
• Review the CHCC Bylaws and amend as necessary so that they are applicable to the existing Council.
• Member Outreach – Let’s get people interested!
o Make contact with The Stranger, Capitol Hill Times, and Seattle Weekly to write actual articles on the CHCC its goals and its “call to action” to its community. Can we get a piece of the paper to announce meetings and meeting minutes or at least to advertise the wiki forum
o Team up with other Councils (Miller Park Association, East District Neighborhood Association, POwHAT, etc) – have a quarterly “Summit” where the neighborhoods get together and discuss major issues.
o Flyer campaigns,
o Sponsor local business events, artists, and the Cap Hill Block Party, social networking (Facebook, Myspace, Meetup, LinkedIn, BizNik)
o Local radio/TV: KUOW, KEXP, NPR??, King5, Komo
• Member Retention – So we piqued an interest – let’s have a formal induction for newbies so they know exactly what their role is when they join.
• Fundraising – Find and procure grants (SNAP grant) and think of drives or other fundraising campaigns to increase CHCC budget, paypal on wiki forum if possible??

Q4 (or sooner) Goals, October-December:
• Form committees for

o Land Use/Development Decisions/Zoning Laws: host meetings to bring Cap Hill community on the multiple Land Use/Development projects occurring on the Hill. Gather feedback and represent the community as one strong voice.
o Historic Capitol Hill: what bldgs are being threatened, what can be done?
o Membership Outreach (we need you!): See above
o Community Outreach (who needs us!): any nonprofits or businesses that need our help?
o Transportation (SDOT and WDOT, Sound Transit, sr520 expansion)
o Neighborhood Development (Tree Fund, Operation Streetlight, Parks Meetings
o Safety: Keep apprise to crime statistics, safety measures/classes, drugs, theft, etc.
o Housing: What’s going on in the real estate market, low-income/affordable housing, subsidized housing, halfway homes, Cap Hill Housing
o Arts/Culture: Cap Hill Art Walk, local artists, theatre, dance, readings, open mic, local bands
o Government/Politics – who really runs this town, what is their agenda?
o City Relationship Management: Build relationships and acts as liaison with members of the City of Seattle, Park Planning/Development, King County.
o Public Relations: Responds on behalf of CHCC to community events (WTO, murder, crime, weather)
o Special Interest: Airplane noise, environment, etc

End of Q4 review accomplishments to start off Q1 2009!

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