2008 Candidate -- Vice-President -- Ryan Shandera

Candidate statement
Hello! My name is Ryan Shandera – and I want to be the next Vice-President for the Capitol Hill Community Council.

When I was born, my first home was actually right here on Capitol Hill. As the family grew, my parents moved away to the suburbs to raise the family. After graduating from high school, I moved further away for college and lived in major metropolitan areas like: Chicago, Los Angeles, and Barcelona (Spain). Now, I am home – back on Capitol Hill where my life began – and excited to help this community flourish!

After living in so many different cities, and seeing so many different neighborhoods across the globe – I can attest that Capitol Hill is truly a world-class community. It is my passion to see that Capitol Hill maintain its charming and unique characteristics of the past – while helping this neighborhood immerge as a premier community of the future.

We can already see the neighborhood growing and changing – this is inevitable. However, the way we grow and change can be managed – preserving the culture, engaging the citizens, and building a better place to live.

Candidate experience
Archbishop Murphy High School – Everett, WA
Loyola University Chicago – Chicago, IL – B.A. Political Science
Pepperdine University – Malibu, CA – Masters of Business Administration

Currently, I am a Project Specialist at Starbucks – working in the Real Estate group.

Organizational Involvement & Leadership (while attending Loyola)

  • Simpson Hall Dormitory (President)
  • Residence Hall Association (Treasurer)
  • Residence Hall Government (President)
  • Chicago Club (President/Founder)
  • Loyolan Yearbook (Managing Editor/Founder)
  • Unified Student Government (Chief Justice)

Candidate goals
General Goals

  • Facilitate greater communication between the city government and local residents.
  • Develop a forum in which community members can voice opinions and discuss current issues.
  • Balance the objectives of being a positive and pro-active agent of change, while also, being a respectful defender of the community spirit.
  • Encourage and expand the open and welcoming environment already present in the community.
  • Foster the creative energy found on Capitol Hill to enhance the arts, entertainment, and business sectors of the community.

Specific Goals

  • Create an online, interactive community.
  • Create task forces or special committees specifically in charge of:

• Business Development: Meeting with local business to discuss current challenges and future success plans.
• Land Use: Meeting with developers, residents, and politicians to discuss the way construction projects are positively or negatively affecting the community.
• Arts/Entertainment: Finding ways to enhance the art community on The Hill by encouraging artists, finding new venues/sponsors, supporting events.
• Housing: Being a voice that helps solve housing concerns on The Hill. Discuss how to preserve the home community, while balancing it with enough apartments and condominiums. Find ways to support affordable housing, while maintaining the upscale real estate present in parts of the community.
• Community Development: Sponsor events that bring people together and make our neighborhood a true community.
• Political Issues: Discuss how current political issues at the local, regional, state, and federal levels are affecting the people in the Capitol Hill Community. Engage with politicians and community members to encourage dialogue.
• Safety: Work with the local police department finding ways to make our neighborhood safer. Share safety tips with community members.

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