2008 Candidate -- Secretary -- Saunatina A. Sanchez

Candidate statement
I am declaring for the position of Secretary. I have lived on Capitol Hill for the past 6 years and couldn’t imagine living in any other neighborhood in the city. I attended Seattle University for Journalism and Theology (technically First Hill, but I spent most of my leisure time in the café’s and bars of Cap. Hill). I have been attending all the public meetings for the new park at John and Summit because I have a passion for improving this neighborhood and want to see more opportunities for community involvement. This is my home and I would love to represent it.

Candidate experience
At Seattle U I was the elected Freshperson Representative and was very active on the newspaper staff. I have lots of experience in public meetings and organization from that time, but I have also worked as an Administrative Assistant for 3 years, giving me plenty of skills in keeping records and managing meetings. I am also self-taught in HTML, C++, and am a very quick student to new technologies, so keeping the website current would be simple.

Candidate goals
I think the most important role of Secretary of the Community Council is to be the depository of information. Keeping minutes and knowing the nitty-gritty rules takes a very detailed mind, something I work at every day as a product tester at Nintendo. I would make sure the community was kept up to date on all Council meetings and events. Keeping the Neighborhood Service Center’s files current and available to the public would be a big priority. I would also focus on keeping the website up to date with the minutes of all meetings posted within 48 hours and community events posted as they are announced. I think I have the experience and focus to be a great Secretary to the CHCC and the neighborhood.

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