2008 Candidate -- President -- Tim Durkan

Candidate statement
I was born on Capitol Hill and have lived here for almost 15 years. I own a home just off Broadway and consider many of my neighbors and nearby shop owners ‘friends.’ Having spent my life in the Seattle area, I have seen a lot of change take place on Capitol Hill and throughout the city. Simply put - I have a lot at stake in making it a better place.

Candidate experience
Professionally, I am currently working as a Policy Advisor with the City of Seattle in support of the Executive. Essential to my role(s) there are providing policy direction for neighborhood planning and Action Agenda implementation as well as project management and community outreach.

My duties include engaging citizen participation in the implementation of neighborhood plans and shaping their neighborhood development. I also work with various organizations and businesses in an effort to help shape public policy affecting their neighborhood. Within this, I assist community groups with the scheduling of informative guests to help in their decision-making as well as helping them in the development and follow through of their work plans.

I have also organized and facilitated neighborhood stakeholder sessions with significant outcomes. One of my favorite functions is helping people better understand the workings of Seattle government and how to affectively initiate change – there’s power in numbers and even the little ones add up.

As a purely personal matter, I have dedicated a significant amount of time over the years in outreaching to the homeless (especially youth) in providing them human service guidance, friendship and advice. It’s something I have always felt compelled to do and enjoy very much.

Candidate goals
Personally, I take pride in making connections with people on Capitol Hill and I love connecting them with each other. I believe that a community that knows one another and utilizes their strengths working together is a strong one. With that in mind, Id like to accomplish a few goals I believe would keep us pointed in the right direction.

1) Activate the dialogue between the community, service providers and the City in assessing and addressing public safety issues that affect people’s daily lives here. This is especially true where untreated mental health problems and chronic drug and alcohol abuse are taking their toll on the victims and our neighborhood.

2) Id work to reignite the discussion and formulate a work plan to help shape future development (including urban and light rail planning) by engaging developers, city planners and the community.

3) Engage property owners, small businesses and residents to help ensure Capitol Hill attracts and retains some of its best assets – an eclectic mix of shops, social spots and neighborhood services that lend the neighborhood its personal character.

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